What others say about Terre di Trente

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The famous Belgian beer expert, Filip Kesteloot said this:
“Terre di Trente? Probably the best wine in the world.”

The famous Italian sculptor Matteo Pugliese said this:
“Terre di Trente? Makes you come right out of the wall.”

The famous French writer Voltaire said this:
“Terre di Trente? Never heard of it.”

The famous Artificial Intelligence expert Rehan Grady said this:
“Terre di Trente? A wine with a promising future!”

The famous Argentinian Underwear designer Carmen Sabbatini said this:
“Terre di Trente? So refined, yet it knocks your knickers off!”

The famous R&R singer Tina Turner said this:
“Terre di Trente? Simply the best!”